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Buscot Park Cricket Club

Pavilion Extension `150 Club`

Dear friend of Buscot Park Cricket Club

The Buscot Park Cricket Club `Pavilion Extension 150 Club` was launched in 2007 to raise money for proposed improvements to the pavilion, and it is now time to renew your membership for 2013.   The cost will again be £15 per share, for which you will be allocated a membership number which will be entered in 12 monthly draws.   The prizes will depend upon the number of shares sold, but there will be at least 3 prizes per month and hopefully four, with the first prize being at least £20.   There will be a special £50 prize in December.

Work on the exterior of the pavilion extension is now almost completed.   The roof has been tiled and the oak cladding on the walls is nearly finished   New toilets have already been built, but we still need more funds to pay for the generator, plumbing, electrics, and for the kitchen.   The continuing success of the `150 Club` is essential if we are to raise the required funds.   We hope that all existing members will continue to support us, and ask you to encourage friends or other members of your family to also join.   If you have an e-mail address, you will be sent a list of the monthly winners.   These will be published in the `Faringdon Folly`, and all winners will be notified directly.

Please complete the slip below and return it to me at the above address as soon as possible.   The entry fee of £15 per share should be included, with cheques made payable to Buscot Park Cricket Club.   Your support will enable the young and not so young to continue to play cricket on this beautiful ground for many years to come.

Yours sincerely

                                                Des Williams

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Buscot Park Cricket Club Pavilion Extension `150 Club` 2013


I would like to purchase _______ share(s) in the above fund, and I enclose a cheque

for _______ (£15 per share) made payable to `Buscot Park Cricket Club`.

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